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b_210_144_16777215_0_0_images_galerie_merkur_hotel_03.jpgIn the salt cave clients can indulge in the so-called halo-therapy treatment of salt. The name is derived from the Greek word halos (salt) and there is evidence that the ancient Greeks studied the therapeutic effects of salt.

Microclimate of salt caves is shaped with plenty of mineral salts, which are covered walls and floor of the cave. The influence of heat and light is a small release of micro salts and minerals that using ventilation is filling the internal space of the cave.

Salts and minerals are saturated in the air upon the entering in to the cave and has a distinctive aroma that is very similar to the smell of the sea. It is reported that the 45-minute visit in the salt cave has an effect equal to two or three days at the seaside.b_210_158_16777215_0_0_images_interiery_PB150440.JPG

Salt cave has a beneficial effect in neurosis, mental stress, exhaustion and depression. In a salt cave is relaxation in comfortable chairs while listening to relaxing music or fairy tales for children visitors.

While you listen the relax music, talk or play with the children, your body regenerates and gains strength. Children during their stay can play in the salty sandpit with toys. Their contact with mineral salts is more direct.

Salt Cave in the Hotel Merkur also offers additional services, which included restorative hand wrap with avocado oil or cool gel eye mask. In case of the customers want to take a piece of curative powers of mineral salts home, they can choose from a wide selection of bath salts - the Himalayas or the Black Sea there. Very popular are also candles, salt lamps, which are not only stylish complement to any interior, but also its dim warm light tone and brighten every room. For further information, please contact the hotel directly or operation of the cave



Adults 15+  90,- CZK

Retired + ZTP  70,- CZK

Children under 6 years free

children 6 - 15 years accompanied by adult  50 , - CZK

nursery: children 40, - CZK , teacher free

medical group, associations from 60,- CZK

Opening hours:

Tue, Thu, Sat 8:00-15:00 pm

Wed, Fri 12:00 - 19:00 pm